January 2024:

  • Given AI go and my lack of time to improve this site, I will probably shut it down soon.

August 2018:

  • Moved behind a letsencrypt proxy so I never have to think about https certs again.

September 2016:

  • dailyjoseki.com has moved off of rackspace and onto GCE.

October 2015:

  • Sorry about the broken payment system--google deprecated checkout on me. I can be reached by email still if you want expanded access.

February 2013:

2011 updates:

  • I added some admin stuff; I can now take cash if you want to subscribe and will be at the US Go Congress!
  • Also, if you'd like to pay via dwolla or with bitcoin, I'll accept either--just email me.
  • I've been busy working on the next version of data, which is why updates have been scarce (actually, there have been a few updates I haven't mentioned them here because they were pretty small). The data gathering tool is mostly done, but I'll have to adjust a fair amount of my code to take advantage of all the new data.
  • Hint 1 is now actually a hint.
  • Hint 3 added; lists players, date, and result.
  • My "cellspan" html attributes are now the more commonly accepted "colspan". ;) (Thanks, Abydos1)

Earlier updates:

  • Changes to the message in study.
  • New setting lets you set a maximum number of new tests per day, so you can add a bunch of stuff to your queue without getting overwhelmed with too much stuff at once. It chooses new tests from the top of your queue randomly.
  • New embedding feature.
  • The site will now email a reminder to you if you go two days without reviewing your study material. Go to settings if you want to turn this off. I defaulted this to on because, well, the system kinda depends on you using it somewhat frequently.

Public Beta!

There may still be a few rough edges, but I'm opening up account registration. If you have problems, questions, or comments, feel free to shoot me an email: daniel@dailyjoseki.com

This website is meant to be more than just a joseki browser; my goal is to create the easiest way to learn joseki in full-board context.

Many thanks to the people at GoGoD for allowing me to use their collection as the basis for the joseki tree and test positions.

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